How To Travel With Hair Extensions

by BRENDA L. / JUL 20, 2023

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    Going on a holiday can (and somehow has to) be a relaxing experience – so why would you airport transit become an unpleasant one? For many people out there, carrying their hair extensions to their holiday destination isn’t optional – especially in the case of permanent hair extensions. If it’s the first time for you travelling with a fresh new hair look on, you may have some questions: how to navigate airport security? Will my hair extensions set off the metal detector? How to pack hair extensions? Don’t worry, there is an answer to all of these dilemmas. In this blog post, we will address the most common concerns around travelling with hair extensions, and provide you with useful tips for going on a holiday abroad completely hassle-free. 

    Can I Wear Hair Extensions Through Airport Security?

    When it comes to passing through airport security with your hair extensions, the answer is generally yes, as human hair extensions are generally not considered a prohibited item – meaning that you can wear them during the security process without issues. However, please be aware that each country (and sometimes specific airports within the same country) may have their specific security screening processes and rules. Make sure you arrive at your departure point fully prepared: you may want to give them a call in advance and ask for info. On top of that, make sure all of your additional hair accessories, such as bobby pins or hair clips (anything metal, really) is safely stored in your carry-on luggage/bag.

    If requested by the security personnel, you may need to go through inspection or you may be required to entirely take off your clip in hair extensions. If this happens, remember to be cooperative, polite, and patient throughout the process!

    Will Clip-in Hair Extensions Beep At The Airport?

    Clip-in hair extensions may set off metal detectors during airport security checks, unless they are made with lightweight materials such as plastic. Although lighter, plastic clips are not reliable: therefore, our clips are all made out of metal. This means that they may trigger the detector – and in response, you may be requested to remove them. In my personal experience this hasn’t happened, but please, once again, remember that individual sensitivity settings and security measures may differ between airports and countries.

    If you have concerns or questions about your clip-in extensions, inform the security personnel before going through the metal detector system, so that they can assist you and provide guidance as needed.

    Do Nano Ring Hair Extensions Beep At The Airport?

    Despite having metal nano-loops, nano ring hair extensions are generally not reported to trigger the metal detector. If this happens, politely explain (and show) to the TSA agents your permanent hair extensions.

    How to Pack Hair Extensions for Travel

    If you choose not to wear your hair extensions when travelling, then you’ll probably be wondering how to pack them so that they reach your destination without undergoing any damage. And you’re right: packing your hair extensions the right way is crucial to make sure that they remain in prime condition! Here’s how to protect hair extensions when travelling:

    Clean and detangle: Before packing, make sure your Remy hair extensions are clean and detangled. Check out our dedicated blog to know more: How To Wash All Types Of Human Hair Extensions. Make sure you use a detangling brush and/or a wide-toothed comb to remove any knots, then let them air dry completely. 

    Protect and store: Use a clean, breathable storage bag designed for hair extensions. A satin-lined box will do, too. Avoid plastic bags as this can cause your hair extensions to go mouldy, foul-smelling, and/or frizzy. 

    Pack strategically: If possible, take your hair extensions with you in your carry-on luggage or bag, so that you can keep them close and minimise any risk of damaging them. If you are storing them in your checked bag instead, make sure you pad your hair extensions packaging as much as you can (you can use your clothes for this), so that they won’t get crushed.

    Prepare travel-sized products: If you plan on using specific hair care products while travelling, make sure you get them in a travel-friendly size. Alternatively, you can transfer them in smaller containers, so that you can travel confidently and without having to throw away any of your precious products. 


    Travelling with hair extensions? No problem! By knowing all the do’s and don’ts of airport security, packing your extensions with care, and knowing how to carry on all of your precious hair care products you can confidently take your gorgeous tresses with you on a holiday. Have an amazing trip, and enjoy your stylish adventures!

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