Margot Robbie's Barbie 2023 Hairstyles Using Hair Extensions

by BRENDA L. / APR 12, 2023

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    As the fuzzy feeling of anticipation for one of the biggest cinematographic events of this year grows beyond measure, Barbie (2023)’s trailer has made thousands and thousands of people talk about itself. From the delicious photography of the movie to the genial creative choices that have been featured, you know I’m here to talk about… Barbie hairstyles. Yes, even in just about a minute of teaser trailer, it’s pretty obvious that the looks we’ll witness in this film are bound to become absolutely iconic. What are we waiting for? Let’s find out how you too can achieve the ultimate doll look, just like Margot Robbie and her fellow Barbies did.

    Barbie On The Beach

    barbie on the beach

    Creamy light blonde hair, a gently curled side ponytail and side-sweptangs create a harmonious, simple yet gorgeous look for Barbie as she meets her friends lounging on the beach. Barbie’s dazzling life had to involve such activities, of course! Together with baby pink shell earrings and a country-looking sun hat, this look is simply too good not to copy. Whether your tresses are bleached in a Barbie-like shade or not, you can easily make this look yours with the aid of a wrap-around ponytail hair extensions set!

    Barbie On A Car

    Also known as Barbara Millicent Roberts, Barbie is all about business. And you know she couldn’t be the type of girl that settles for less – this doesn’t apply only to her glamorous fashion choices and gorgeous hairstyles, but also to her whole life. Therefore, it’s only natural that Barbie would be spotted in her lovely bubblegum pink Corvette at some point in the movie! For the occasion, Margot Robbie’s Barbie has her tresses up in a thick and glamorous half-up half-down hairstyle, created by using both clip in hair extensions and a clip in ponytail – topped off by a cutesy pink bow on the back.

    barbie on a car

    Barbie On A Night Out

    Barbie on a night out

    As 2023 is all about big hair, Barbie’s trendsetter habits couldn’t let this one slip. The hairstyle in particular features a romantic side part and big, bouncy curls that frame her face and fall along her shoulders in a glamorous, elegant way! Whilst the hair accessory seen in the footage may be a little too extra for some folks, this gorgeous hairdo makes a valid choice for many different occasions! You can achieve this look by adding ultra volume hair extensions to your mane and using Velcro rollers or a curling wand to get those fluffy ringlets going.

    Barbie On A Mission

    Almost as a reminder of the creative influence that the 60s and 70s have on the current fashion and beauty trends, Margot’s Barbie couldn’t miss out on recreating one of the most iconic looks of that era. Along with her friends, Barbie can be seen showing off super-glamorous shades, a colourful headband and her hair arranged in what seems to be a messy beehive. Pearl earrings are the perfect accessory to complete the look, with a loose tendril that hangs around the edge of her face. If your hair is lacking the length and/or thickness necessary to recreate this look, you can always add clip in hair extensions to achieve it.

    Barbie on a mission

    Barbie In The Desert

    Barbie in the desert

    Side-swept bangs, a baby pink beret and a thick, gorgeous braid: what else could we be asking for when looking at Barbie’s hairstyles? Now, obviously this type of hairstyle is incredibly hard to replicate unless your hair is astonishingly thick. The best way to give it a go is to add hair extensions to your ‘do'; in particular, seamless hair extensions seem to be the perfect tool to keep unmatched shine, softness and manageability at your hand whilst styling. On top of that, the hand-selected double drawn strands ensure the same thickness from root to tip!

    Barbie The Pin-Up

    Margot Robbie impersonating the first model of Barbie ever, designed in 1959, is a work of art. Everything from this shot is curated in detail, from the lipstick shade she’s wearing to the vintage sunnies and her pin-up smile. The swimsuit, inspired by the actual costume that Barbie wore when debuting at the New York Toy Fair on March the 9th, 1959, wraps her figure in an exquisitely retro-esque vibe. But the real deal here is Barbie’s curly bangs, a touch of unmatched class! Don’t worry, you don’t need to perm your fringe to give this pin-up look a go – all you need is clip in bangs, flexirods or mini Velcro rollers, and lots of patience.  You can read more about these curling methods in our dedicated blog: Curls For Days: The Ultimate Velcro Rollers Guide.

    Barbie the pin-up

    Barbie The Bombshell

    Barbie the bombshell

    This lovely dancing look is surely inspired by the big curly hairdos seen on bombshell looks throughout the 80s and 90s – big, exaggerated, supersized curls and ringlets that boost volume and length with added texture. What’s not to love? From what we can see in the trailer, Barbie made this her look of choice for a dancing night. If even the most famous doll in the world adopted this hairstyle, then why shouldn’t you give it a try? Make it yours now with ultra volume hair extensions or even our supreme quad weft – all comfort and glamour, no stress. And if you need some inspiration for a party dress, then look no further than dazzling metallic details and shine!


    Barbie’s life is full of interesting details: from her infinite career choices to her outstanding fashion style, the world’s most popular doll has held generations of children of any background in a chokehold. Barbie isn’t just a toy, but an icon, a source of inspiration, and a cultural symbol of immense impact. Whilst fashionistas all over the world are waiting on the movie to come to theatres for a night of both enjoyment and inspiration, you can try and replicate these adorable hairstyles for any occasion – just like Barbie would.

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