Our Guide to Hair Extensions on a Pixie Cut

by ABBEY WILSON / JUN 14, 2023

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    In today's blog we are going to explore the best hair extensions for pixie cut hairstyles, and which types to avoid. A common misunderstanding is that you can’t have permanent hair extensions on pixie cuts: sure it can be more difficult, but it is not impossible - you just need to use the right ones. We’re going to explain how to blend extensions in very short hair and also share some vital tips to encourage your natural hair to grow back healthily and as fast as possible!

    Types Of Hair Extensions For Pixie Short Hair

    Not all hair extensions will work on very short hair, as you need a certain amount of extensions to successfully cover the attachments. This is tricky to do with bulkier options like clip-ins or weaves. The best permanent hair extensions to use on pixie length hair are Nano Ring Hair Extensions as the bonds and beads are super tiny and easier to hide, the hair only needs to be a minimum of 3” to hold and disguise the extensions. If a permanent solution isn’t for you, its best to wait until your hair is at least 5-6” long to use temporary hair extensions such as clip-ins or ponytail hair extensions.

    Another semi-permanent option for very short hair could be Tape-in hair extensions as long as the natural hair is of at least average thickness to hide the tabs. In the example below @weavesbycharley expertly uses Cliphair Tapes in shade #4 Medium Brown to add length and thickness to this grown out pixie haircut.

    How To Blend Extensions In Very Short Hair

    Colour Matching Hair Extensions To Short Hair

    It's crucial to choose the correct colour when your adding extensions to very short hair to help with the blending. If the colour does not match it can make the transition lines between the natural hair and extensions stand out, highlights can be tricky to replicate on such short hair so it's best to try and stick with a solid colour until the hair is slightly longer. To find out your match in our Nano Ring Hair Extensions use our FREE advice and colour match service here or alternatively check out our blog “How to expertly colour match hair extensions”

    Cutting Hair Extensions To Blend With Short Hair

    It's much easier to blend shorter hair extensions into a pixie length hair cut, anything longer than 16” will be more difficult to cut into a natural looking finish. Whilst you’re waiting for the natural hair to grow down, sticking with a bob length will look far more natural and be easier to achieve. For more tips on blending extensions into the hair, read “How to blend your extensions with different hair types”.

    How To Style Short Hair Extensions

    Styling the hair strategically is another way of blending the extensions into the natural hair. When the hair is super short it will not be possible to wear the hair up with extensions attached as there simply isn’t enough hair to cover the bonds when its pulled away from the face, keep the hair down and directed over the attachments to keep them well hidden. Another clever trick is to backcomb the hair above the bonds to create texture and thicken the area, this can then be shaped into place above the extensions for extra coverage.

    Choosing The Best Hair Extensions For A Pixie Cut

    As mentioned above, Tape In Hair Extensions and Nano Rings are the best hair extensions to use on pixie cut hairstyles to add length as they are the most discreet. If the hair is super short as well as super fine then we would advise Nano Ring Hair Extensions as the best option as they are undetectable in even the finest of hair, Tapes are slightly bigger so will need a little more coverage. For hair that’s longer than a pixie cut, chin length maybe, there are more options available which include DIY varieties such as clip-in hair extensions. Read our blog “How to choose the right hair extensions for short hair” to find out more.

    Conclusion: Pixie Cut Hair Extensions

    Hair extensions can undo an unwanted haircut in a fraction of the time it would take to grow the hair however its still important to look after the natural hair in between. Regular trims and less use of heated tools will ensure you’re hair stays healthy and encourage faster growth enabling you to choose longer hair extensions and return to your dream hair sooner! Our dedicated blog “How to grow out your hair” has tonnes of useful information on growing out short haircuts and keeping the hair healthy in between.

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