Post-Oscars celebrity hair trends for 2011

by SHOPIFY API / JUN 21, 2011


    Each year, the Academy Awards’ red carpet acts as a catwalk for some of the most exciting and up-and-coming design labels in the world. But while elegant ballgowns and dazzling dresses might dominate the fashion headlines the day after Oscars night, this year’s hairstyles also made a big impression. The overall trend sported by celebrities at this year’s Oscars was long and wavy, and while some stars – like Michelle Williams and Halle Berry – wore their short do’s very well, lengthy tresses are a good indicator of the way hairstyles are going in 2011.

    So if you’re keen to pick up on the latest celebrity hair trends, what lessons can you take from 2011’s Oscars choices? Wavy side ponytails offer a simple yet sophisticated starting point. Natalie Portman might have made headlines for her Best Actress win and her heavily pregnant figure but her hairstyle deserves just as much praise. Emulating the style of a side ponytail, this do is pleasingly asymmetric without being severe and is an easy look to achieve if you have naturally wavy hair that’s shoulder length or longer. If your hair is short and you can’t wait to grow it, look for some natural hair extensions to help you get the right look.

    Also taking its cue from Natalie Portman is the ballerina bun, as sported by True Grit-star Hailee Steinfeld on Oscars night. Depending on the length of your hair, this style may actually be easier to achieve with a clip on hair bun that you can attach to combed back hair and detach with minimum hassle. If you like the idea of a bun but want a style that will frame your face better, try a loose up-do – similar to those worn by Anne Hathaway and Sandra Bullock at the Oscars – instead. Again, wavy hair or loose curls work best with this hairdo as falling wisps of hair will be flattering, particularly to round or square-shaped faces. If you don’t have naturally wavy hair or it isn’t the right length, hair extensions or curling tongs may provide temporary solutions.

    Similarly chic is the bouffant pouf, which will give height to smaller faces and has an air of 1960s glamour about it. What’s more, this style flatters women of a range of ages. At this year’s Academy Awards, bouffant quiffs were worn by Reese Witherspoon (aged 35) and Sharon Stone (aged 53), and both were equally graceful. You might need to enlist the help of someone else to create this do, which involves combing back and setting your hair to achieve the suitably coiffured effect. If your hair is long at the front but short at the back, consider using clip in hair extensions ( to finish off the style with a sexy ponytail or up-do. This could be a particularly magnetic choice for an evening function, especially if you’re wearing a strapless dress or one with a low cut back.

    While all of these big celebrity hair dos have certainly gained currency since the Oscars and are finding plenty of followers in women around the world, there was one hair style that stood out on the night for its sheer simplicity. Winter’s Bone star Jennifer Lawrence wowed photographers in her understated yet sensual red dress and loose wavy hair. One of the very few stars not to wear her hair styled up, Jennifer’s gorgeous tresses were on full show. If you’ve got hair that’s naturally long and wavy, or you’ve got a good set of human hair extensions in your style tool box, this is fantastic choice of hairdo that shouldn’t be overlooked just because it is uncomplicated.

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