Shade Of The Week: The Glossy Beauty Of Toffee Brown

by BRENDA L. / SEP 23, 2022

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    Light, creamy, and textured, Toffee Brown is a sultry, romantic shade of brunette that keeps things classy and natural with a pinch of spice. This is a brunette that knows her worth, is in touch with her femininity, and likes to look flawless yet authentic. Toffee brown is the color to perfectly channel the elegant energy that fuels a brunette. Let’s get to know this light, soft brunette hair extensions shade a bit better.

    Toffee Brown Hair Extensions: Pure Princess Energy

    As you’re probably aware, we’re changing our hair extensions names. This has been a carefully made decision, influenced by the changes in the hair extensions market and growth, and most importantly by your precious feedback. Toffee Brown was previously going by the number #5, and is a popular, creamy shade of brunette. The perfect mix of natural but compact, expensive-looking yet peppy and playful, Toffee Brown belongs to that girl, the one whose voice is soft, but leaves a deep mark.

    Toffee Brown Hair Extensions: Availability

    You can now get Ice Blonde on any type of hair extensions within our range:

    • Tape-In Hair Extensions
    • Remy Clip-In Human Hair Extensions
    • Weave
    • Double Weft Clip-In Human Hair Extensions
    • Single Clip-in Hair Extensions (top up)

    This means that you can play around with this shade on a longer-lasting level - such as with tape-in hair extensions and also find a match with a product that allows you to switch things up more often - such as clip-in hair extensions!

    But let’s move onto who wears this shade, and how does it look in real life?

    Toffee Brown: Celebrity Color Match

    Elegant, expensive-looking and a timeless classic: think of the youthful yet regal glitz and glamour of Hailey Bieber, or the ravishin beauty of Y2K icon Jessica Alba (when she's not getting a little too highlights-happy)! This romantic, dreamy shade likes to keep things authentic and down to earth without missing out on the stunner effect.


    ToffeeBrown Hair Extensions: The Perfect Hairstyles

    There are many ways that you can wear your hair extensions in, and this type of soft brown shade works really well with updo hairstyles and waves, for example. Let’s see three hairstyles that will bring Ice Blonde to life like no one else!

    Hollywood Waves

    This hairstyle has been seen on countless red carpets and fashion events - so, why not? This glamorous hairdo sees your hair crimped in glossy, soft waves. It’s a beautiful, timeless classic that has been trending in Hollywood and the celebrity showbiz for a long time - hence the name! With this cool, edgy shade of blonde, Hollywood waves will stand out and give a diva effect that is going to be hard to forget. Feel like giving it a go? Check out our Hollywood waves tutorial.

    Perfect for: square face shape, oval face shape

    Curly Blowout

    There’s something incredibly romantic, elegant, and expensive-looking in a perfectly crafted curly blowout. You can get tighter ringlets for a punkish effect, or softer curls and a side part for a vintage diva finish. Consider getting Hollywood waves too, for a special occasion where you want to wear your hair down.

    Perfect for: diamond face shape, heart face shape, oval face shape

    Messy Updo

    Artsy, chic and seemingly effortless: what’s not to love about a gorgeous, messy bun? Over the years, the popularity of this hairstyle has skyrocketed turning this lowkey, stay-at-home look into a chic, popular option on and off carpet for celebrities and mere mortals alike. Nowadays, the messy bun is also a popular wedding choice (ask Hailey Bieber)! Did you know that you can learn how to get a messy bun with a clip-in ponytail hair extension? Click here to read more about how to style clip-in ponytail hair extensions.

    Perfect for: oval face shape, round face shape

    Toffee Brown Hair Color: Trends

    When you dye your hair this dark, be sure you know you’re signing up to a whole new lifestyle. Dramatically changing your hair color can influence decisions about your makeup, clothing and yes - even hairstyles of course. When it comes to trends, it’s hard to know if they’re going to work out well on our hair, especially if we recently changed your hair color, length and/or style. Luckily, there’s quite a few recent trends that will work wonders on sleek, luscious, brown tresses.

    Mermaid Waves

    Mermaid waves, also known as mermaid curls or simply mermaid hair, are loose, textured curls that give your hairstyle a laid back, beachy look. The curls are usually not polished and held together, but shaken out instead.You can either bring your natural mermaid curls to life with a sea-salt spray for some serious texture, or play around with a hair waver. There are many ways you can curl your hair, but if you’re unsure about how to style your Remy hair extensions you can check out our dedicated blog: How To Curl Hair Extensions: A Complete Guide.

    Hair Clips

    Picture this: bright, funky colored butterfly clips, in lovely contrast with the dark canvas that is your Toffee Brown hair. Think of them as a cute accessory for your mini pigtails hairstyle, for a youthful and peppy look. Feeling classier than that? Then opt for a claw-clip hairstyle. If you’d like to know more, check out our blog: how to put your hair up in a claw clip.
    Either way, the recent boom of Y2K hairstyles is a true blessing for brunettes. Try it before you deny it!

    Glass Hair

    When it comes to shiny, spaghetti-like straight locks, the glass hair trend is the perfect technique to follow for a sleek, classy result. Its effects are best known for making darker hair colors pop, and hair stylists such as Chris Appleton from Color Wow  taught us that there’s something unique about sleek, silky straight dark locks. After all, there’s a reason he picked this style for one of the most famous women in America - Kim Kardashina herself. Read more about this on our blog: “What Is Glass Hair And How To Get It”.

    Toffee Brown Hair Extensions: Who Can Wear It?

    This is always the one million dollars question: technically, the answer I would love to always give is “everyone can wear whatever they want”. Which is true, to an extent.

    Toffee Brown seems to be one of the few shades that can work with anyone’s undertone - if you’re unsure, you can always do the “white top test” and find out if this is the right brunette hair extensions type for you. Click here to read more about how to choose a new hair color.


    Warm, scrumptious and glossy - Toffee Brown exceeds any expectation and by adding volume and length, it can make your old hairstyle from outdated to royalty. What are you waiting for? Shop our Toffee Brown Hair Extensions Shade now from our range.

    Not sure this is the color for you? Then get in touch for a free color-matching chat with our in-house hair experts.

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