Traveling Hairstyles For Airport, Christmas Break, Holidays, & more

by BRENDA L. / NOV 16, 2023

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    Whether you’re that one person who shows up at the airport six hours before your flight to chill at the gate bar in your tracksuit and sliders, or a last-minute rusher who usually fidgets at baggage control whilst they’re calling your name, chances are that at some point you’ve been inspired to look up airport hairstyles for your Instagram update.

    No matter what type of holiday-maker you are, if you’re leaving for a chill weekend – there is a hairstyle for you. Grab your remy hair extensions, and let’s get styling!

    Claw Clip Hairstyle For Traveling

    The claw clip is a versatile and trendy accessory that will help you keep your hair away from your face throughout the duration of your flight, train ride, and more. Stars like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Bella Hadid have all showcased their fabulous claw-clip hairstyles in the past few years, and guess what? This trend is not going anywhere. Nowadays you can easily access many different types of claw-clip that can go with your outfit, including glamorous embellished ones that can elevate your style for a special occasion. You may be leaving for a romantic weekend exploring the Christmas markets or going to lay on the beach for a few days under the sun – no matter the season, claw clips are a must-have in your travel bag.

    High Ponytail Hairstyles

    The ponytail has to be the perfect holiday hairstyle: nifty, trendy, and incredibly classy - there is no way you won’t look incredibly cool and polished with a ponytail sitting high and mighty on the top of your head whilst enjoying a glass of prosecco at the airport lounge. Many celebrities have indulged in this simple yet classy hairstyle for many different occasions, including – you got it right – formidable airport outfits. Get your comfy joggers on and tie your hair up: it’s time to look fabulous. If your hair isn’t long and thick enough to achieve your ponytail dreams, you can always resort to the best-selling wrap around ponytail hair extensions set!

    Messy Bun Hairstyle Ideas

    There are many ways that you can wear a messy bun to look laid-back and sophisticated at the same time: luggage in one hand, sunnies on your head, and off you go. You can leave some tendrils out for a youthful, less serious look, or even curl them to add a touch of class.

    The most playful ones might want to opt for braided accents here and there, or even accessorise with sparkling barrettes, or matching your scrunchie to your outfit. To boost the thickness and length of your hair and maximise the performance of your chosen bun, you could also add a few clip in hair extensions to achieve unmatched fullness and dimension.

    Headscarf Hairstyles

    Want to channel your inner 60s diva? A classy headscarf will give you all the vintage vibe that you need for your time away. If you’re a fan of the silver screen queens of the past, this look will complete your chosen outfit perfectly. Depending on your destination, a headscarf hairstyle plus a pair of vintage sunglasses or statement earrings can become the cherry on top of your hairstyle. Speaking of which… What about soft curls, bouncy waves, big 90s blowouts, and added thickness and fullness? All of these looks can be yours with a set of added tresses such as double weft hair extensions or ultra volume hair extensions for those already blessed with a higher hair density. The latter is also the perfect tool to blend in blunt and shorter haircuts. What’s not to love?

    Dutch Braids With Hair Extensions

    A pair of perfectly crafted Dutch braids can be a real game changer in your look. They bring out your facial features, illuminate your appearance, and keep your hair together in a protective hairstyle – what else could you possibly ask for in a hairstyle? And don’t worry, if you were about to say “I would also want my hair to look drop-dead gorgeous”, this hairdo has got you covered. You can add length and thickness to your Dutch braids by adding a product such as seamless hair extensions, or any clip ins that work with your hair type and starting haircut. Dutch braids make an exceptional choice for your holiday hairstyle, travelling look, and even a fashionable airport outfit. Not a fan of the “outie” appearance of these braids? In that case, why not try the French braid instead?

    French Braid With Hair Extensions

    Unlike the Dutch braid, a French braid (or French plait) is weaved “inwards” rather than outwards. This gives off a completely different vibe! Just like the Dutch braid, this type of hairstyle can be recreated by weaving your hair in one bigger, thicker plait, or dividing your tresses in two large sections and creating one braid per side. The choice is completely up to you! Optimal for keeping your hair away from your face without renouncing to a sophisticated and trendy look, a French plait is an all-time classic that has been chosen by people around the world for many occasions – including weddings and nights out! Make it your pick if you’d like to give off an exclusive vibe for a well-deserved break.

    Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

    The fishtail braid is another super-trendy hairstyle that I have mentioned various times when writing about human hair extensions and cool hairstyle ideas. Fishtail plait hairstyles have been around for quite a long time, but the Tumblr era and the 2015 grunge revival have truly brought it back – and since then, it never left the scene. Although a bit more intricate to recreate, the fishtail braid has its very own allure and it’s definitely worth a shot – and even if it ranks in pole-position as a summer favourite, it can be rocked all-year-round, no matter the occasion! Elegant gatherings, brunch with your friends, traveling hairstyles, wedding hairdos, uni days and back-to-school hairstyle ideas; it seems like the fishtail braid can’t do no wrong. Adding clip in hair extensions to your fishtail plait can be a great way to add a pop of colour, a touch of light, or simply bless it with more thickness and fullness! Explore our collection of balayage hair extensions to elevate your fishtail braid with a sun-kissed finish.


    If you’re keen on creating the perfect airport hairstyle with your Remy hair extensions, these trendy yet practical hairstyles will keep you ultra-glam whilst hopping to your holiday destination. A Christmas weekend, a summer holiday, a spring break – no matter what your vibe is, the right hairstyle for your travel shenanigans is here!

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