What Is The Curtain Haircut?

by BRENDA L. / SEP 28, 2023

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    If you’ve been keeping an eye on the world of hair and beauty, chances are you’ve bumped on the curtain haircut trend. The Kardashian love it, the fans of 90s hairstyles love it, so… Why shouldn’t we? Well, first of all, let’s get to know this hairstyle a bit better. What defines a curtain haircut, and why is it so versatile? How can you adapt your current look to it and how can you incorporate hair extensions in a curtain cut? Keep on reading to find out the answer to these questions and more… 

    A Blast from the Past

    The curtain haircut is, simply put, a hairstyle characterised by a blunt middle part. This was one of the most popular looks in the 90s, often paired with the homonymous curtain bangs. Stars like Madchen Amick, Denise Richards, and even Kurt Cobain sported a curtain haircut back in the day: this versatile style is still very much loved nowadays, and can be adapted to various hair lengths and textures, making it a timeless choice.

    Achieving the Curtain Haircut

    Whether you have a chin-grazing bob, a 90s midi length or long, luscious tresses that go down to your waistline, you can try a curtain haircut in the way it suits your style best. You can tuck your hair behind your ears for a clean “girl-next-door” finish, or keep it face-framing for a bolder effect.

    Start by parting your hair in the middle, using a pin-tail comb to create a neat parting and divide your hair in two defined sections. If you’d like, you can speak to your hairstylist and go for a heavily layered hairdo, or add human hair extensions for more volume and length.

    Use a texturising spray to give your hair that “lived-in” rockstar look, or why not? Use a tool such as a hair waver to get a beachy effect going in your tresses with glossy waves. 

    Keep in mind that regular trims are essential to maintain a geometric curtain haircut, or it can lose its shape. If you’re going for a shaggier, layered look instead, you can keep up with your trims as you normally would for your hair’s health, every two or three months.

    Why the Curtain Haircut?

    As 90s and Y2K fashion inspirations are still going strong, it’s safe to say that the curtain haircut has stood the test of time. Being versatile, easy to achieve, and extremely charming in its simplicity, the curtain haircut makes the perfect choice for those who appreciate a little bit of a retro aesthetic. 

    On top of that, unless you’re going for an extremely blunt haircut, this style requires minimal maintenance over time! In fact, it works best with a relaxed and natural appearance – meaning you won't spend hours in front of the mirror. You can then dress it up by applying clip in hair extensions.

    Celebrities With A Curtain Cut

    Which celebrities have chosen the curtain cut as their go-to look? Well, the correct answer is: countless. But let’s see some major examples!

    Selena Gomez

    Selena has been rocking a middle part for quite a while now, and honestly, how to blame her? As Selena has a round face shape, this hairstyle compliments her features naturally whilst always looking classy and super sleek.

    Kim Kardashian

    Kim and her middle part? A match made in heaven. Whether she’s sporting gorgeous jet black hair or platinum hair extensions, her hair is always looking spotless. Need more Kim K inspo? Check out our Celebrity Lookbook: Kim Kardashian.

    Margot Robbie

    Barbie’s super fabulous hairstyles? Yes, we all loved them (as you can read in our blog: Margot Robbie's Barbie 2023 Hairstyles Using Hair Extensions), but Margot’s natural look with a trendy middle part? A whole different story. Especially when she styles it in soft, gently tousled waves!


    The curtain haircut is a trendy, easy statement hairstyle to create at home in one simple step. All you need is a pintail comb, and you can arm yourself with a texturising spray, a waver, or a set of Remy hair extensions to dress it up however you’d like! 

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