Why Blonde Extensions Turn Pink or Orange

by BRENDA L. / JUL 4, 2023

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    Blonde hair extensions are one of the most popular hair accessories to enhance your tresses with added length, volume, and even colour – such as in the case of balayage hair extensions. For some it is a constant state of mind, whilst some others get a blonde craze over summer. No matter which category you belong to, if you own blonde hair extensions chances are that you may have bumped into unwanted pink or orange tones at some point. This can be quite disheartening, however, don’t fret: not only I will explain the reasons behind this phenomenon in this post, but I’ll also arm you with everything you need to know to get rid of that pesky brassiness. Whether you need to address blonde hair extensions turned orange, learn about toning hair extensions, or want to cancel out pink tones after a festival look gone too far, I've got you covered.

    What Triggers Hair Extension Discoloration

    First, a bit of science: there are many reasons why your hair extensions bring out unwanted peachy tones. Let’s see them together:

    Low-quality hair extensions: When talking about hair extensions turning orange, usually the root cause is that the hair they are made of is poorly sourced, wrongly processed, or coloured incorrectly. Underlying pigmentation can become more prominent over time, making the original shade you purchased shift towards unwanted colours. This is why you should always refer to qualified, high-quality sellers for human hair extensions

    Oxidation: Lighter pigmentation = more susceptibility to oxidation. That’s a fact, unfortunately. Bleached hair that gets exposed to sunlight, heat, and other damaging factors will not take it well – leading to the pigmentation getting altered over time. Other chemicals too – including coloured hair sprays, for example – will get absorbed by the cuticles much easier. 

    Incorrect colouring techniques: Whilst it isn’t completely forbidden, at Cliphair we usually discourage our customers from DIY dyeing our Remy hair extensions. Improper application of hair dye or bleach during the colouring process can result in orange tones! This is why, before going ahead with any colour-altering process on our products, you should always take your extensions to a professional for a consultation (and if you decide to go ahead, let them do the work and don’t try this at home!). A strand test will always be required, which means you’ll need to be 100% sure of this. If you want to change the colour of your hair extensions to a completely different shade, you’re probably better off buying a new set in your new shade. If you’re unsure about how to match it to your natural hair, get in touch with our team! Our salon professionals will be more than happy to help.

    How to Avoid Discoloration

    Is there a way to prevent this unpleasant change of hue from happening? Luckily yes, there are a few things that you can do so that you won’t have to deal with hair extensions turning brassy. 

    Choose high-quality hair extensions: As I said before, the first thing you need to do is to make sure that you choose reputable brands for your new hair. This is the optimal starting point as nothing can beat good quality hair extensions! Not only this will help you avoid orange and pink unwanted tones in your blonde hair extensions, but it will also be a great investment in terms of softness, manageability and styling performance. Also, if the company has good prices and impeccable customer service… That’s a plus. No?

    Opt for professional colouring: Unless you are a trained colour technician, leave the dye job to a certified professional. You wouldn’t let a baker tailor you a dress, so why would you trust anything less than a salon expert for your hair?

    Use colour-safe products: When shopping hair care, make sure you invest in sulfate-free and alcohol-free, colour-safe products – even better if specifically formulated for blonde hair extensions. This type of product is usually designed to maintain colour, respect pigmentation and take care of your hair without drying or damaging it – all factors that may alter the colour of your tresses.

    How to Fix Pink Tones & Remove Orange From Hair Extensions

    If it’s too late to play the prevention game, here’s how you can try and get rid of pesky brassy tones in your hair extensions. From the most obvious to the more dramatic ones… Choose carefully!

    Toning: Purple, blue, or even green toners can be used to mute yellow, orange or red pigmentation (respectively). Commonly found in the form of toning shampoos, creams, masks, and conditioners, selected colours can help you counterattack the unwanted shade surfacing in your extensions. Always make sure you follow the instructions as indicated in on their box/leaflet, leaving the toner on for as long as it is recommended. 

    Re-bleaching: In more severe cases, a second round of bleaching might be what you need to remove the unwanted tones. Bleaching can cause severe damage to your hair extensions, so again – only do this if recommended by a hair professional.

    Colour correction: Neutralising the unwanted pigmentation can be done by using hair dye. The contrasting pigmentation, if left on for the correct amount of time, can help you remove orange from hair. Speak to a trained hair colourist to see if this option is feasible for you!

    Time For New Blonde Extensions?

    If every other option isn’t what you’re looking for – or simply doesn’t work – you may want to invest in new hair extensions in the right shade. Looking for high-quality, vibrant blonde shades to add to your hair? Come and explore our blonde hair extensions collection – featuring a wide selection that includes mixed shades, balayage hair extensions, highlights, natural blondes, and more. 


    Noticing the surfacing of pink or orange tones in your blonde hair extensions can be quite disappointing, but it’s not an impossible battle to win. From toning to using purple shampoo and more, you can try and fix the issue before it gets too late! Make sure you arm yourself with the best hair extensions and get styling with the best vibrant, bright and luminous blonde shades! 

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