Collection: 100g Human Hair Extensions

Finding a new hairstyle has never been easier, with our gorgeous tape in hair extensions. We know how challenging it can be when you’re looking for the perfect type of hair extensions, so we decided to ease things up by packing our tresses in a handy 100g format, so that you and your stylist can easily purchase the right amount of packs – saving money and preventing wastage. Everything you need for a luscious hair transformation that will look and feel as natural as possible!

Why Choose 100g Hair Extensions

Coming in precise 100g packs, our 100% Remy human hair tape in hair extensions will give new life to your hair, adding bounce, volume, length and dimension to your mane with a quick application and an easy removal once you’re ready for another change. With Cliphair’s Tape Remover, each strand comes off easily without putting any strain on your natural hair. This is the ideal product for those who enjoy wearing their hair down, long and flowy. Check out our blog: “How Many Grams Of Hair Extensions Do I Need?” to discover how 100g human hair extensions can transform your look!

Our 100g Styles and Shades

The 100g hair extensions range comes in a gorgeous ring of over 50 stunning shades, including mixed colours for highlighted beauties and a breath-taking assortment of blondes, brown hues, red nuances, and more. Cliphair's range is constantly evolving and growing, allowing the most creative customers to find the perfect product to match their next beauty experiment, always ensuring a seamless blend in no time.

Why Choose Cliphair

Hair selected with love, an ever-expanding colour collection to include everyone’s taste, and all the signature Cliphair glitz and glamour: what if I told you our promise to you doesn’t stop here? Our team includes real salon professionals, hair experts, and fashion trend hunters – working tirelessly to meet our customers’ needs however we can. Free colour matching service, professional hair advice, inspirational campaigns and competitive offers are our methods to empower our customers, paired with our stunning tresses and hair care products.

Style Tips and Inspiration

Styling your tape in hair extensions is sooo easy! You can curl them, straighten them, and use them to create glamorous braids to express your creativity. From adding a dash of colour in contrast with the rest of your mane to subtle highlights or lowlights, a mix of tape in hair extensions can also be used to spice things up in your tresses in terms of shades, on top of added length, volume and thickness. What’s not to love?

Care and Maintenance

Show your Remy hair extensions all your love to maintain their beauty and shine for as long as you can!

  • Use shampoo, conditioners and hair masks that are sulphate-free and alcohol-free to avoid dryness and brittleness in the long run.
  • Always use a specific detangling brush to gently remove knots and tangles without damaging the tabs of your tape ins.
  • Take some extra care to protect your hair extensions when swimming in pools or saltwater.
  • Protect your hair when sleeping by arranging it in a loose braid or using a silk sleeping cap.
  • Make sure you apply a good dose of heat-protectant spray before using heat-based styling tools such as blow-dryers, straighteners, and curling wands.

Make the most of your tresses; get your 100g hair extensions today!