Celebrity Lookbook: Selena Gomez

by BRENDA L. / JUL 15, 2022

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    As yet another celebrity birthday approaches, we get ready to celebrate Selena Gomez’s big 30. At this point of her life and career, Gomez is harvesting the fruits of a lifetime of hard work. Labelled by the media as a “triple threat” - she is in fact a multi-talented individual - this woman is not here to stop and never settles for less.

    The proof is in her gorgeous looks and her flourishing career! Whilst there would be too much to say about her life success and her artistic prowess, talking about her aesthetic and haircut choices might be easier. Therefore, here’s a list of her 10 more iconic hairstyles of the past few years.

    1. Top Bun & Bangs

    Selena top bun and bang hair



    Selena surely knows how to look stylish with minimal effort, and this hairstyle is the proof. A casual, round bun placed high on the top of her head makes the perfect night out look, paired with choppy bangs for a peppy finish. If you’d like to experiment with this look, don’t worry: you don’t need to resort to your scissors and commit to a haircut! Make it yours now with a clip-in fringe hair extension and switch up your style in a matter of seconds. Cliphair provides only real hair extensions for a natural effect - hair that blends in with yours and makes it impossible to notice the difference.

    2. Deep Side Part

    Along with many others 90s and Y2K trends such as butterfly clips and claw clips (we talked about them on our dedicated blogs: Butterfly Hair Clips - 90s Vibes For A Perfect Summer and Thursday Hair 101: How To Put Your Hair In A Claw Clip), the deep side part is a cool addition to your day to day styling routine to switch things up without committing to a haircut or adding too many accessories. This sleek look, for example, keep things minimal without missing out on looking cool and trendy.

    3. Tousled Bob

    Selena’s Instagram literally broke the internet when she revealed her new haircut, deliciously styled in a gently tousled look for a total-stunner effect. If you recently copied her haircut, you can learn how to style your hair just like hers and make your bedhead look trendy and rebellious with just a few touches and products. Read our dedicated blog to know more about how to get tousled hair!

    4. Silky Lob

    This is one of the classiest, most iconic looks of Selena. Probably also the one that she wore the most at some point. There’s not much to say about the sleek lob - it’s a medium length hairstyle that suits a lot of face shapes and makes any outfit and look appear immediately more polished. You can also add shine and glam to your lob by styling it with the glassy hair technique. Find out how by reading out blog Friday On Trend: What Is Glass Hair And How To Get It.

    5. The Middle Parted Low Pony

    This is another classic look as seen on a lot of other celebrities, including Kim Kardashian. The beauty of a sleek, lowkey ponytail paired with a neat middle part is inexplicable - and yet we get served this look by a lot of people including stars and influencers. If your hair is not thick and/or long enough to achieve the ponytail of your dreams, you can always resort to a clip-in wrap-around ponytail hair extension.

    Shop it now on our online store; available in a wide range of shades, you can get your ponytail matched to your current hair color and style it as you please - since it’s made of real human hair extensions.

    6. Long, Flowy And Wavy

    Not many people can easily say no to a flowy mermaid look, and Selena is no exception. Selena’s no stranger to shorter haircuts either, therefore it’s not surprising to find out that her stylists resorted to top-quality hair extensions to switch her looks up.

    If you’d like to give it a go too, you have different choices - depending on how long you’re planning on wearing long hair for.

    From clip-in hair extensions that will seamlessly blend in with your mane in minutes - and can be removed before going to bed, to semi-permanent option such as tape-in hair extensions (that can last up to 8 weeks), find your perfect real hair extensions match in our shop.

    7. Blonde Selena

    Changing haircuts isn’t that rare for a celebrity - they love to match their musical or modelling eras to their aesthetic after all - but going from brunette to light blonde isn’t something that you witness too often. Blonde Selena Gomez has been a unique vibe and served incredible looks whilst collaborating for summer hits and just overall looking amazing. We matched her shade to our Iceblonde real hair extensions. Click here to shop the look now!

    8. Puffy Ponytail

    A light bump on the top of her head and a wavy, gently tousled ponytail are the perfect look for a lunch date, a night out and even work or school. Selena looks simply stunning in this delicate yet trendy hairstyle! The waves on her ponytail can either be achieved by using a waver or by leaving tight braids in overnight. If you’d like to know more about heatless styling techniques, chck out our blog Curls For Days: The Ultimate Velcro Rollers Guide to find out more about how to curl your hair without heat.

    9. Curtain Bangs

    Curtain bangs are a trendy hairstyle made popular again by the stars, but it’s been around since a long, long time ago and remained classy and versatile throughout the decades. Curtain bangs - also known as face framing bangs or face framing layers - are a gorgeous hairstyle that goes really well with another 90s trend, the Money Piece hair.

    Although Selena wore her curtain bangs without altering her natural color, you can try and give this trendy hair trend a go. Find our more about how to get face framing highlights in our blog: Money Piece Hair: The Trend To Get Ready For Summer. Interested in getting curtain bangs? If you’re feeling creative and would like to give it a go in the comfort of your own home, have a look at our curtain bangs tutorial: The Face Framing Bangs Everyone Is Talking About And How To Get Them.

    10. Curly Shag

    The curly shag isn’t new at all - in fact, it originates in the seventies and rose to fame in the eighties thanks to glam rockstars and celebrities of the time, later on bleeding into the everyday’s life of the 80s fashionistas. Both curly and straight haired folks have brought this hairstyle back, either with a few modifications - see Billie Eilish’s wolf-cut hairstyle - or in its original, corkscrew curled form - for example: Zendaya.

    Selena’s hair shag is soft and bouncy, with big, loose ringlets and an open fringe. Glamorous and trendy!

    11. Conclusion:

    Whether you’re a fan of her music and/or acting or not, you can’t deny that Selena’s taste in haircuts is classy and always fashionable without exaggerating. A true example of old-school elegance that perfectly blends in with today’s trends and is never, ever getting out-dated! Happy birthday in advance Selena - from me and all your fans all over the world. Keep it beautiful!

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