Hair Theory: Everything You Need to Know

by BRENDA L. / AUG 15, 2023

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    From how to style your hair without heat to DIY dyeing accidents, TikTok is a pool of ideas for your hairstyles – and although sometimes what we see on there is nothing new, some other times we see interesting trends taking over – for example, the Scandi hairline and hair dusting. In recent times, not a hack but a simple explanation about how your hairstyle can impact your overall look: everyone, let me introduce you to the hair theory trend! The viral video format, accompanied by a Lana Del Rey instrumental, delves into the art of transforming one's appearance by ingeniously arranging their hair – curly, straightened, with bangs, arranged in an updo, and more.

    What Does Hair Theory Mean?

    The whole concept of the hair theory trend revolves around how changing the way you style your hair can dramatically alter your appearance in general. It's not just about a new hairstyle; it's about recognizing its transformative power when manipulated creatively. The trend has people experimenting with various hairstyles, parts, and even hair accessories to highlight the versatility and impact of these subtle changes: for example, how an updo can change a shabby look into an artsy outfit. Incorporated with elements of culture, history of fashion, and lots of creativity, the trend can be tried by everyone – with the help of human hair extensions, wigs, hair clips, and a little bit of patience.

    Where Does The Concept Of Hair Theory Come From?

    The hair theory trend as we call it and know it nowadays may have sparked on TikTok, but let’s be honest – the whole concept isn’t something we weren’t aware of. Baby boomer girls in the 80s were probably well aware of how styling your hair changes the way you look – especially given how perming their hair and using clip in hair extensions started to rise in popularity. But on TikTok, the trend has been received quite well – quickly achieving the status of “viral”, and being tried on by thousands of people out there. Counting over 50 million views on the app, hair theory also helps people find their best hairstyle. 

    How To Try The Hair Theory Trend

    The hair theory thrives on the idea that even the smallest adjustments to your hair can have a powerful impact on your appearance. You can give it a go by trying the smallest changes: tuck your hair behind your ears, arrange an updo like a messy bun, try ponytail hair extensions, straighten your hair silky smooth, boost volume and thickness with Remy hair extensions, or try hair rollers for soft, bouncy curls. Step out of your comfort zone and experiment with hairstyles you have never considered before, or change your hair parting to enhance different parts of your face and change how you perceive your own features. Find our more about how hair parting can affect your look in our dedicated blog: Parting Ways: A Complete Guide On How To Part Your Hair.

    Add Length And Volume For Your TikTok

    Using hair extensions to change the way your hair looks and feels isn’t just something people do for the ‘gram (or for TikTok, in this case) but to boost their own self-confidence and to look great at any given time. By playing around with your tresses with the hair theory, you may find out that turning the volume up in your mane with added length and thickness can give your look a unique kick. Could this be your hair theory transformation you were looking for?

    hair extensions

    Add Highlights Or Lowlights

    Using Remy hair extensions to add a dash of colour in your tresses is very common – in fact, many people prefer this to dyeing and bleaching their own hair! Getting a set of tape in hair extensions before going on a holiday can help you transform your mane, so why not take this occasion to add some contrasting shades for a natural, beautifully sun-kissed finish?

    Try A Different Blowout

    You can achieve a gorgeous blowout in so many ways – and no, hair dryer and round brush are not the only way. You can resort to Velcro rollers, heated rollers, curling wands, hair straighteners, curing ribbons, and even… Socks! I personally am a fan of heatless styling techniques, so let me share one of my favourite posts about how to get curly hair with no damage: How to Get Heatless Curls in 12 Easy Ways.


    Curious about the hair theory trend? Dive into the latest craze showcasing the transformative power of simple hair changes. From TikTok to beauty and hair influencers, the #hairtheory movement is gaining momentum as more individuals embrace the endless possibilities their hair offers. With every comb and part, explore new dimensions of self-expression and creativity, and witness the magic unfold before your eyes. Join the conversation and unlock the secrets of hair theory, discovering how small adjustments can make a big impact on your overall look and confidence. Embrace the trend and embark on a journey of experimentation, exploration, and endless inspiration with Cliphair.

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