Hairound The World: A Hair Journey Across Continents

by BRENDA L. / MAY 26, 2023

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    Hair is a universal aspect of beauty and self-expression, whether we’re talking about long and flowy tresses, buzzcuts, knots and braids, or even a simple hair color or type of texture – the way we wear our hair and its natural aspect have an important cultural impact that help people embrace their beauty, lifestyle, religion and more. Therefore, it's no surprise that different cultures around the world have their own unique hair care tips and signature hairstyles. From the intricate braids of Africa to the sleek bobs of Japan, here’s some intriguing hair facts about hair around the world!


    In India, long, thick hair is highly valued – and most people that are native to South Asia have natural thickness in their tresses, which they take very good care of. Many women use natural remedies to keep their hair healthy and shiny, and one of them is henna – a powder obtained from the henna tree that can be used to simply treat your hair for ultimate shine and definition, or even as a natural hair dye to colour it.

    Henna can technically be used on human hair extensions, however it could have unexpected reactions to the colours used to obtain our shades. If you’re thinking of dyeing your clip ins with the help of henna, consult a professional hair stylist first and do a strand test beforehand.


    In France, the classic bob and bangs are popular, with many women opting for a chic and sophisticated look. The “French blonde” is a very popular colouring technique that gives your tresses a naturally sun-kissed appearance, and that’s where the term “balayage” comes from. If you’re considering getting a balayage, why not opting for balayage hair extensions instead? This way you can add gorgeous strokes of lighter tones to your natural hair without any pesky bleach coming close to your tresses. 

    If your hair has already undergone the bleaching process, however, you’ll need to focus on rebuilding and maintaining the bonds, and packing your locks with moisture. Find out more in our dedicated blog: The Alluring Beauty Of French Blonde.

    African Countries

    The African continent is well-known for its diverse range of hairstyles, spacing from intricate braids to bold afros and lots of natural hair care routine recipes for textured tresses. Protective hairstyles have been used by African women and men alike for ages, and they not only serve the purpose of preserving and sheltering their hair from external damaging agents, but they also have significant cultural and sometimes even religious importance – even indicating the area of origin, age, and status of the wearer. That’s why it’s fundamental to recognise how these hairstyles, because of the history and cultural significance they have, cannot be adopted by those who do not belong to the ethnic group they originated from. 

    If you have textured hair, taking the time to learn how to style it properly to protect your tresses is essential. Find out more in our post: 10 Protective Hairstyles For Curly Hair: 3B To 4C Edition.


    In Japan, sleek and simple hairstyles are popular, with the bob being a classic favourite. Japanese haircare products frequently incorporate distinctive ingredients that are native to Japan, such as the popular Camellia japonica extract (also known as tsubaki oil). This product is derived from a flowering tree that belongs to the tea family, and has been used in Japanese beauty products and hair care routines for centuries. Being rich in oleic acids, proteins, and glycerides that promote healthy, strong, and shiny hair, this miracle hair oil is a must have for sleek, shiny tresses. 

    Hair oils in general are extremely important in a good beauty routine, and there are lots of different natural oils that can be bought to tackle specific issues. If you’re looking for a good hair oil to help you with a hair problem such as frizz, growth or even dandruff, find your next best ally in our blog: Hair Oil: Best Oils For Hair Growth And A Healthy, Happy Scalp.

    Caribbean Countries

    In the Caribbean, natural hairstyles are very popular – with many women embracing their natural texture and beautiful curls. Given the hot temperatures, people living in the Caribbean have mastered styling and hair care techniques to tame frizz and protect their tresses from the effects of sun, high temperatures and sea salt water. Moisture is the key factor common to most of these hair care methods, and protecting your hair and scalp is an essential step to take, too.

    If you’d like to know more about how to shelter your scalp and hair, especially in hot weather, here’s a blog that will help you: How To Protect Your Scalp From The Sun?
    Last but not least, getting regular trims and keeping your hair packed with moisture and sealed cuticles will help you achieve the ultimate shine and manageability.

    Middle East

    In the Middle East, many women use natural remedies such as Argan oil to keep their hair healthy and shiny. The approach for hair care in Middle Eastern cultures is holistic, starting from within with a rich and nutritious diet that contributes to keeping their hair simply majestic by providing it with the right nutrients – vitamins, fatty acids and minerals – through a healthy and variegated diet. I have previously spoken about how changing your diet can dramatically impact your hair’s beauty and health, and if you’d like to know more here’s the blog post for you: #Healthyhair Foods To Eat For Healthy Hair.

    That said, ritualistic hair care has been deeply rooted in the culture of Middle Eastern women for ages – not as a reactive treatment (i.e. deep conditioning only when your hair feels particularly dry or dull) but as a regular routine. This preventative approach could be the key to achieve and maintain shiny, luscious tresses all year round.


    In Brazil, many different hairstyles are considered trendy; from glossy curls to silky-smooth tresses, Brazilian women know what's up when it comes to glamorous hairstyles. The Brazilian blow-dry treatment is a highly popular hair care technique that many women use to achieve smooth, frizz-free hair, by using keratin to coat the strands, smoothing down the cuticles and making the hair silky and easier to manage. This treatment is particularly popular among women with curly or frizzy hair.

    Additionally, beachy waves are a popular hairstyle in Brazil and can be achieved by using sea salt sprays and scrunching the hair. To keep hair healthy, it's important to use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week.
    We have talked more in detail about the Brazilian blow-dry in our blog: Everything You Need To Know About The Brazilian Blow Dry.

    North America

    For many Native American tribes, hair is considered a sacred part of the body and is often worn long and uncut. Aloe vera is well known among Native American people for its miraculous properties, and although you may already know Aloe as a refreshing summer drink, or a soothing remedy for bee stings and sunburns, you may not be aware of how it can positively impact your hair’s health and beauty. Native Americans also use jojoba oil to keep hair healthy and shiny.

    Whilst jojoba oil is already a popular ingredient in mainstream hair care products, Aloe vera is still going a little under the radar – but you can make your very own Aloe hair-mergency treatment in the comfort of your own home. Our blog “Is Aloe Vera Good For Hair?” explains all the benefits you can get from using Aloe on your tresses and how you can incorporate it in a deliciously-crafted DIY hair mask.

    South Korea

    In South Korea, straight and sleek hair is extremely popular, as seen on many different K-pop superstars. Using hair straighteners and hair serums to keep their hair smooth and shiny is a fairly diffused practice, especially since the spreading of the"glass hair" trend – which involves straight hair that is so shiny it looks like glass (hence the name). Weekly scalp scrubs and nourishing hair masks are part of a South Korean beauty routine that prioritises healthy and shiny locks!

    In Western culture, one of the biggest names that come to mind when thinking of the glass hair trend is Kim Kardashian – who achieved this look with the help of celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton. His brand, ColorWOW, also developed a whole line of products designed to help people around the world get this celebrity look. The glass hair trend is perfectly safe to recreate even if you’re wearing clip in hair extensions! Read our dedicated blog to know more: Friday On Trend: What Is Glass Hair And How To Get It.


    In Jamaica, like in many other Caribbean countries, deep conditioning and hair oils are considered staples in hair care routine. In order to achieve luscious, shiny and healthy tresses, the usage of Castor oil (on its own or as a carrier oil for other essential ones) is largely diffused in the Jamaican region. With moisture as the key factor in their hair care routine, Jamaican people have mastered the skill of hair maintenance by incorporating local products of natural origin.

    An interesting addition to the Castor oil regimen is the use of rosemary oil, praised for its powerful hair benefits (not to mention its delicious smell)! You can either purchase this natural miracle pre-bottled, or even make it in your kitchen if you fancy some easy DIY. Find out more about rosemary oil for hair in our post: Is Rosemary Oil Actually Good For You?.


    In Russia, long and voluminous hair is highly valued, with many women using hair extensions to achieve the desired length and volume; as the market of this type of hair accessory grows every year, russian women keep on flooding us with inspiration for ice-perfect platinum blonde shades and full, bouncy blowouts. On top of that, Russia has been the home to many natural beauty secrets for centuries – including using ice cubes for facial blood flow and preparing vodka-based hair serums.

    If you’d like to get a big, bouncy blowout that is rich in depth and movement with the help of human hair extensions, you could explore your options within the Remy Royale range – the luxury Cliphair collection that features double-drawn tresses for a premium, shiny finish that stays thick and full from root to tip.


    Hair inspiration can come from all corners of the world; whether you’re looking to enhance shine and manageability, control frizz, or find new all-natural ways to boost your mane’s appearance, by incorporating different hair care tips and hairstyles into your routine you can easily achieve a unique and beautiful look that reflects your own personal style. Try out some of these global hair trends to improve your hair’s health and beauty and see what works best for you!

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