Yes, I do: 10 Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles For This Season

by BRENDA L. / MAY 5, 2023

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    Love is in the hair! Oops, I meant “in the air”... Either way, winter is gone - and if you thought “love season” would end with the equally adored and dreaded Valentine’s day, chances are you’re wrong.

    That’s right! Spring is that time of the year that more and more brides choose to celebrate their big day. Clear skies, flowers blossoming, longer days and temperatures rising: aren’t these all signs of life and prosperity?

    It’s not surprising then, that after all the proposals happened around Valentine’s day last year, brides-to-be are excited to celebrate as soon as possible - without threatening pandemic-related restrictions.

    Whether you are a seasoned wedding guest getting ready for your special day or a newbie to the world of “til death do us apart”, you will certainly agree with me on this: there’s nothing simple about a wedding ceremony. Food, reception, music, dress, shoes, hair, make up, posing for photographs; everything needs to be perfect!

    And whilst you can try on ten thousand dresses making your friends cry - first of happiness, then of tiredness - when it comes to hair you have to go a little more creative and put yourself in the hands of a talented hair stylist.

    Trust me when I tell you that creativity leans on inspiration a lot. And if you need some inspo for your wedding hair, look no further than these iconic looks adopted by Hollywood celebrities!

    Loose Waves  (back to index)

    16-years-old me could only dream about marrying a Jonas - a whole decade and some later, I got to enjoy seeing my childhood idols getting married to some of the most amazing women I’ve seen on my TV screen.

    So how could I not put Sophie Turner’s elegant loose waves on this list? Parted in the middle, simple yet effective. The Game Of Thrones star understood the assignment. A true Queen!

    Messy Chignon (back to index)

    Gorgeous and simple - that’s how Hailey Bieber kept her hairstyle, truthful to her daily aesthetic. After all, like James Thurber once said, beautiful things don’t ask for attention. Hailey got her hair arranged in an elegant yet messy chignon, adorned by a maxi-pearly accessory and leaving out a few tendrils to frame her neck.

    Half-Up, Half-Down, Maxi Bow (back to index)

    When it comes to Ariana Grande, one thing you can always count on is her hair to be the closest thing to perfection you’ll ever see. Perfect wigs, perfect hairstyles, perfect ponytails, perfect hair extensions.

    Has Ariana ever had a bad hair day? We will never know.

    And as this is the standard look that she blesses her fans with on a daily, it’s only natural that on her big day she would keep the standards high.

    Whilst her hairstyle was a classic half-up half-down elegant look, Grande knows how to work maxi-sized hair accessories - and she wanted to prove it even on her wedding day, picking a veil with a huge bow on top.

    All Natural (back to index)

    Although this wedding did not go where you’d expect yours to go, Miley’s look is - to this day - one of the most iconic wedding looks I’ve seen on a celebrity. If you know Miley Cyrus and her path as an artist, you’re probably familiar with how much tabloids enjoyed talking about her in the past years.

    From appearing nude in one of her music videos to the insightful episode of Black Mirror she starred in, Miley’s wedding look showed how the star perhaps wanted to shed all that media coverage on her special day. Her silky dress and flowing, glossy and highlighted mane made her look simple - yet incredibly regal.

    Windswept (back to index)

    English singer and songwriter Ellie Goulding exchanged vows with former Eton pupil and Harvard alumni Caspar Jopling in a glamorous wedding at York Minster in August 2019.

    Her look for her special day was a windswept updo, tied in a messy low bun at the back.

    Her Hilton Highness (back to index)

    Paris, oh Paris! Words cannot describe the cultural impact you had on us millennials. The New York born and Beverly Hills raised business woman and tv-personality, model, singer and actress Paris Hilton got married at the age of 40, looking stunning in a high chignon and a tiara - some things never change, after all!

    The star kept a long fringe curled on a side to frame her face in asymmetrical elegance.

    Sofia Richie’s Trendy Bun (back to index)

    Social media personality and fashion designer Sofia Richie has been known to rock sleek and sophisticated hairstyles throughout her glamorous career, so I didn’t expect anything less than perfect for her wedding day. Her hairstyle of choice, a tight bun with a trendy 2023 middle part, is timeless and elegant – making it a great choice for a wedding. Tight, sleek and tied-back hairstyles are an optimal choice for showcasing your facial features, and the middle part keeps it fresh and contemporary, in line with the current Y2K renaissance – adding a touch of sophistication to your overall look. If you’d like, you can wear it as it is in its minimalistic magnificence, or add a personal touch with themed accessories such as a bridal hairpin.

    Nicola Peltz’s Said Yes

    Nicola Peltz's wedding hair was a stunningly simple and elegant half-up with a middle part, with a hint of curtain bangs as modern trends require. This timeless classic of a hairdo perfectly complemented her custom Valentino bridal gown, embellished by a detailed lace work and a flowy, glamorous train. The blushing Beckham-to-be kept her accessories to a minimum, opting for a simple white veil cascading down her back, together with lace gloves and minimalistic earrings. Simple yet sophisticated, this gorgeous ensemble allowed her natural beauty to shine on its own.

    Breaking Traditions With Kourtney Kardashian

    Kourtney Kardashian becoming Travis Barker’s Mrs. has to be one of the biggest pop culture events, having two completely different worlds coming together in harmony. On one side we have a Blink-182 rockstar, the band that defined and inspired a generation; and on the other hand, a West Coast socialite and businesswoman belonging to one of America’s richest families. What’s not to love? Kourtney’s style of choice was a simple top knot with long, face-framing tendrils left out; paired with a short, tradition-smashing corseted wedding dress, a unique statement-veil and fingerless gloves. It’s a yes for me!

    Perfect Wedding Ponytail

    American gymnast Simone Biles said yes in a flawless ponytail, a bridal hairstyle often overlooked but incredibly trendy, glamorous and most importantly comfortable. Wavy, glossy and thick – her wedding ponytail had it all, and it was an absolute serve! If you’d like to make this hairstyle yours, you can always rely on wrap-around clip in ponytail hair extensions – and you’ll be able to rock a fancy, wavy ponytail in a matter of minutes. Given her Selfie Leslie halter-neck gown adorned by ruffled tiers, choosing an updo full of body and movement was the wisest choice. Congrats Simone!


    Celebrity wedding hairstyles continue to inspire and influence brides-to-be all over the world, and it's easy to see why! From the usual suspects seen in traditional weddings such as elegant updos and half-up hairstyles, to contemporary and/or unusual choices for chic, non-traditional ceremonies; celebrities have shown us that there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to bridal hair!

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