Which Clip-In Hair Extension Are You?

by ABBEY WILSON / APR 16, 2024

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    Your lifestyle and fashion choices play a huge part in choosing the right clip in hair extensions. Whether you’re a natural beauty who wants a subtle transformation or a busy bee after a quick fix, we have the perfect product for you. So, let’s dig a little deeper into your personality and lifestyle to figure out which clip-ins suit you best.

    Seamless Clip-Ins: For The Luxury Lovers

    Model wearing seamless hair extensions


    If you're a bit of a boujee babe who loves the finer things in life, then our Remy Royale Seamless Clip-Ins are definitely for you! These invisible hair extensions are made from the finest 100% Remy, human, double drawn hair making them our most luxurious, long-lasting full head set of clip ins with a life span of 1-2 years if cared for correctly. The tiny seam is made from a thin, flexible silicone strip that’s 3 times more durable than classic lace clip-ins to prevent shedding or tangles and lays completely flat to the head for the ultimate discretion even in very fine hair. The double drawn hair used in these luxury hair extensions is the same luscious thickness from root to tip. Not only does it provide extra volume and increased durability, but it also comes in over 30 stunning shades.

    Classic Full Head Clip-Ins: For The Natural Beauties

    Model wearing classic full head hair extensions


    Not everyone is looking for a dramatic transformation from their hair extensions, sometimes all we need is a subtle boost of volume and thickness for a certain style or occasion. For anyone with thin or fine hair not wanting to change their overall look but simply enhance the thickness of their short or mid-length hair, the Classic Full Head are the clip-ins for you. This elegant 8-piece set has a super small lace seam making it comfortable and almost invisible in even the finest of hair types. You can find this product in over 45 shades and in our shortest length (12 inches) all the way up to 20 Inches.

    Double Weft Clip-Ins: For The All Rounders

    Model wearing double weft hair extensions


    The versatile Double Weft full head set is our top seller here at Cliphair as its suitable for almost all hair types and can be used to add both length and volume, for extreme thick hair or extreme thin hair, we have other options! Made from the classic lace seam, it's not quite as durable as it’s more luxurious sister extension, the Seamless Full Head, but it's just as effective and popular in the style stakes. Available in over 60 shades and 6 lengths this everyday clip-in product is everyone’s favourite!

    Ultra Volume Clip-Ins: For The Glamour Queens

    Model wearing ultra volume hair extensions


    Looking for Insta-worthy, jaw-dropping hair? The Ultra Volume set is the one for you. When you're creating a big transformation on thick hair, you need a lot of extensions, and this set does not disappoint boasting a whopping 300g worth of hair. Perfect for disguising the natural line of a blunt bob into your new long locks or pumping up the volume for Hollywood waves, the styling possibilities are really endless with this product, and it comes in 28 beautiful shades. These extra thick clip in hair extensions are best suited to an average thickness or already thick hair so thinner haired beauties should opt for a lighter option such as the Seamless Set.

    Curly Clip-Ins: For The Curly Girlies

    Model wearing curly hair extensions


    Embrace your natural curls with our 8-piece Curly Clip In Hair Extensions set that can not only increase thickness but add cascading length too. Thanks to the tight curl pattern, even thicker haired customers can use this lightweight set to create length in their curly hair without needing to add too many pieces. Our Curly Hair Extensions are permed so the texture matches to naturally, tight curled hair types perfectly without the need to style your own hair to blend them, simply add them to any style for an instant volume, colour or length boost. Available in 21 stunning shades including highlights, lowlights, blondes, brunettes and reds. Want to know how to install curly clip in hair extensions? Check out our tutorial below:

    One Piece Top Up Clip-In: For The Creatives

    This multipurpose one-piece clip in is ideal for those who like to experiment with their hair and fashion style, it’s also a firm favourite among our editorial and bridal hairstylists thanks to its versatility. Weighing only 40g, its super lightweight feel and discreet look means its suitable for all hair types including very fine hair. Whether you're looking for a super-fast volume boost, flash of colour or to add thickness to an up-do, the One Piece Top Up provides it all and at a fraction of the time it would take to apply a full head. Browse the 50 shades in this collection and check out the ‘One Piece Hair Extensions’ blog for more inspiration on using this product.

    One Piece Quad Weft Clip-In: For The Busy Bees

    Model wearing one piece quad weft hair extensions


    If you’re always on the go and struggle to find the time for your hair in the mornings, the Quad Weft Volumizer could be the answer to your hair wishes! Applied in under 2 minutes for a hefty volume boost and 1-2 added inches of length, this is our fastest full volumizing clip-in option yet. Made from 100% Remy, Human hair, its secured to a sturdy, neat, meshed seam that fits from ear to ear neatly under the natural hair, suitable for average thickness hair.

    Wrap Around Clip-In Ponytail: For The Social Butterflies

    Model wearing ponytail hair extensions


    Level up your out-out looks with the Straight Up Wrap Around Ponytail that couldn’t be easier to apply! Simply wrap the extensions around your bun or ponytail and secure with the Velcro strip to instantly increase the length or thickness. We have 3 length options depending on your mood, the 14 Inch Mini Ponytail works wonders for retro inspired flicky ponytail looks. The Classic 20 Inch is great for everyday ponytail styles either waved, straightened or curled and the 24 Inch Mega ponytail creates cascading lengths that can be braided for a super long snatched, braided ponytail style.

    Clip-In Fringe: For The Fashionistas

    Model wearing fringe hair extensions


    We’ve all wanted to know what we’d look like with a fringe at one point in our lives, but was probably too scared to make the chop, and rightly so! What if we told you, you can have a fringe whenever you like with ZERO cutting needed! Remove the commitment with our Clip In Fringe that’s super easy and quick to apply and remove and better still, its suitable for all hair types. If you enjoy switching up your look on a regular basis, check out our blog “The ultimate guide to the Clip-In Fringe” . Whether you're dreaming of curtain bangs, a side fringe, micro bangs or a class full fringe, our customisable fringe is made from 100% human hair so it can be cut, dyed and styled to fit the look you need.


    What Are Cliphair’s Best Clip In Extensions For Thin Hair?

    For thin and fine hair, the best lightweight hair extensions in our collection are the Seamless Full Head, Classic Full Head and One-Piece Top Up. Each have very discreet seams that are easy to disguise in fine hair and are the best hair extensions for thickness boosting.

    What Are Cliphairs Best Hair Extensions For Thick Hair?

    For thick hair, the Ultra-Volume Clip Ins are the best product. Thanks to their plumpness they easily blend thick natural hairlines into the extensions even if using on blunt haircuts. There are many tricks to blending blunt cuts with clip-ins, you can find everything you need to know here.


    Whether you're after effortless elegance, subtle volume, or versatile styling, our clip-in hair extensions cater to all needs. From dramatic volume to embracing natural curls, we have the perfect match for you. With our extensive range, there's a perfect clip-in hair extension set for everyone.

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